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Anna Meares Velodrome


COX Architecture




Austral Masonry

Products Used:

Grey Block/Smooth Grey

Building Contractor:

FTF Bricklaying

Photography Credits:

Christopher Frederick Jones

Inspired by the dynamics of cycling, the Anna Meares Velodrome is resolved as a sweeping, undulating roof responding to the complex geometry of the track and seating bowl configuration.

The built form revolved around the ambition to elegantly and efficiently span the steel roof structure and translucent membrane over the handmade timber track. A less obvious but critical element was the complex series of functional spaces supporting the building
operations. These are all resolved in concrete block as a hardwearing, low-maintenance solution.

The expressive capacity of blockwork was explored and is a key feature of the building. As the ground falls away across the site, a five-metre wall is exposed to the perimeter ring road. This wall was an opportunity for a crafted response equivalent to the roof and the track. Using the analogy of cogs on a geared wheel, the architect worked with the block supplier, contractor and subcontractor to produce a relief wall, using standard series blocks cut to expose two parallel webs. These were rotated in the wall for a varied pattern that captures the early-morning and late-afternoon light, converting the pragmatic into the poetic.

"This project is imaginative, textured and well crafted. Expert use of concrete blockwork has enabled a sophisticated response to the brief and the delivery of a complex series of spaces."
- Jury 2017 -