Mt Martha House


Edition Office


Keane's Contracting


National Masonry

Products Used:

Designer Range, Smooth Face - Alabaster

Building Contractor:

Keane's Contracting

Photography Credits:

Dianna Snape

Mt Martha House is a new dwelling built within a former quarry reserve. It was commissioned and built by a builder for his family.
The site falls away steeply by 17 metres from front to back. A solid masonry spine of split-face blocks anchors the house to its dramatic site. The blockwork starts at the front boundary and runs directly through the centre of the house to the very back and outside again, terminating at the outdoor fireplace. The blockwork spine gives the house solidity and order to the plan. In high contrast, a series of lightweight outbuildings project from the solid spine.

Created with a reduced palette of natural materials, the house is a peaceful and robust place that enables the family to enjoy the changing light and drama of the site and the view.