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Mt Martha House


Bird de la Coeur Architects


One Construction


Boral Masonry

Products Used:

200mm Series, Designer

Building Contractor:

James Launder

Photography Credits:

Ben Hosking

The Mount Martha House is contained within two parallel flanking walls composed of concrete blocks laid upon their face to expose the hollow cores. These walls act as continuous breezeway screens that provide sanctuary to the home and courtyards within.

The house rests upon a steeply falling site above the expansive Port Phillip Bay, located along the elevated coastline outside the Victorian township of Mount Martha. The two great blockwork walls anchor the home to it tumbling hillside context, establishing a datum and reference to the fall of the land as it traces a line down the length of these walls.

Along the entire length of the house, the walls are separated from the home contained within, creating a private interior world for free movement among the decks, garden voids and pool to the north. The blocks laid on edge filter light, shadow and views into the interior, the qualities changing as the sun moves across the site throughout the days and months of the year.

Protected and held within these flanking walls, the home and gardens feel entirely elsewhere from the adjacent neighbours, with the focus directed out toward the bay and the constantly changing horizon beyond.