Room 11 Architects


Lawless Builders


Adbri Masonry

Products Used:

Grey Block, Grey

Building Contractor:

Lawless Builders

Photography Credits:

Ben Hosking

On an tiny inner-urban site without a view, neighbours on all sides and a tight budget, Room11 has built a beautiful bespoke building that creates it own internal landscape.

The modest home has been kept deliberately small. Little spaces open onto a large courtyard flanked to one side by a large 20.01 stack bond wall. The masonry element screens adjacent properties, providing privacy and creating a simple, serene space that opens directly onto the living and kitchen areas. Bifold doors enable the side of the house to open up and allow the occupants to inhabit the full width of the small site.

A restrained and sophisticated pallet of whites and greys, gravel and masonry creates a simple, secluded spatial structure where the theatre of the sky and the texture of foliage become the focus. A vertical garden climbs upon, and furnishes, the face of the wall. Spare, elegant and sophisticated, the wall becomes the focus of living in the Lighthouse.