Currarong Hemp House


Dom Hage Designs


Marsh to Mansion


Australian Hemp Masonry Company

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Marsh to Mansion

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The Currarong Hemp House is a sustainable and eclectic family beach house. It was designed through many sustainable parameters, including the reuse of old materials and products, using fixtures with a low carbon footprint, using recycled timbers, and using hempcrete for all the external walls and the roof insulation.

The house expresses a harmony between the quiet, classic beach town vibe and the worldly and creative family that occupies it. The project demonstrates a sophisticated use of hempcrete masonry, with varied hempcrete finishes and large expanses of exposed hempcrete across movement joints, showing how the sustainable product can be used within contemporary projects. The thermal and acoustic properties of the hempcrete were utilised to the fullest potential of this material to create an oasis of calm, despite the property being in a sunny, windy and noisy location.