Brick House


Andrew Burges Architects


Shane Green Building



Products Used:

Petersen Tegl Kolumba k11 Bricks

Building Contractor:

Shane Green Building

Photography Credits:

Peter Bennetts

Brick House is located on a varied, tightly scaled streetscape of detached houses and apartment buildings in North Bondi. The brief for this project was to replace an existing bungalow with a new two-storey structure for a family of five.

Our concept continued our exploration of design strategies connecting sites and dwellings in tight-knit suburban settings with elements of Sydney’s geography (landscape, sky) while creating privacy and separation from neighbours. The key elements in creating this geographic connection include a new topography of the ground plane, a brick base of varied heights according to the outlooks they are opening or screening, and an upper level consisting of three “bridges” spanning the brickwork, creating an internal rhythm of bedroom volumes and double-height skylight voids that define the interior.

In the spatial and material resolution of the house, a distinction was made between the “public” and “private” programs. All public programs are characterised by a robust natural palette that draws the exterior materials into the more public interior spaces. The use of Petersen Tegl Kolumba K11, sourced from Robertson’s Building Products, defines the material character of both the interior and exterior with its tight scale and varied textures.