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Barwon Heads House


NMBW Architecture Studio


Ashley Crowe Builders


National Masonry

Products Used:

Designer Range, Honed Face - Pearl Grey

Building Contractor:

Ashley Crowe

Photography Credits:

The Barwon Heads House steps down a gentle dune slope with different spaces at each level. Concrete block pavers at the east and most private end of the site extend between inside and outside living areas. A zigzagging blockwork wall also defines how rooms relate to each other and to the garden spaces around it.

Blockwork appears externally at the street front, but the main experience of the material occurs inside the house. It is used to create a series of cool spaces relating to the embedded and most protected parts of the home, and opens each side toward occupiable external timber walls.

The natural concrete finish of the blockwork is revealed in all rooms, including the bathrooms and kitchen. Timber shuttered openings in the thick concrete block allow for the two sides of the house to be more, or less, connected depending on the way the house is being used. Where services, such as power points, or joinery, such as timber shelving, touch this inner wall, junction methods and locations have been carefully detailed to suit the inherent nature of masonry construction.