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Australian Catholic University St. Brigid’s Health Sciences Building


Woods Bagot


H. Troon


Austral Bricks

Products Used:

Burlesque, Pacific

Building Contractor:

NEWMAC Bricklaying

Photography Credits:

Michael Downes at UA Creative

The St. Brigid’s Health Sciences Building is a specialist physiotherapy teaching facility for the Australian Catholic University’s Ballarat campus.

The existing campus sits within a low-rise residential context and includes heritage buildings constructed of brick. The Health Sciences Building reinterprets this rich heritage of traditional red brick, presenting a polychromatic blue-glazed brick facade (using Euroa Clay Products and Austral Bricks) that responds to the university’s colours and becomes an extension of the sky.

Austral Bricks Industrial Iron bricks wrap the northern exterior, their colour and position complementing the metal-clad elements of the facade.

Instead of signage being imposed on the building, using brick created the opportunity to integrate the university’s crest into the facade. To create the crest – which projects 30 millimetres from the facade with the raw edge finished in brass – each brick was hand cut according to a template.

The crest’s location on the western facade creates dynamic shadows that change throughout the day. The nature of health-teaching spaces requires a level of visual privacy. The use of bricks provides solidity and articulation of mass where these teaching spaces are located within the building. Custom angled bricks allowed us to create a more dynamic form.