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Crescent House


Luke Watson + Deicke Richards


Bev Jenner Constructions


Bowral Bricks

Products Used:

Hereford Bronze, Capitol Red

Building Contractor:

Elvis & Rose

Photography Credits:

Rese Rose Gates

The Crescent House in suburban Brisbane is a renovation and extension of a 1939 postwar weatherboard house. The original construction was a pragmatic, almost austere approach to shelter and the daily functions of life within the home.

The architecture explores the use of brick to connect the dwelling to the ground, providing new crafted living spaces to the north in a series of folded vertical and horizontal planes that extend into the landscape. The brickwork generates stairs, walls, plinths and datums that establish and define new territories for occupation. The interplay of different brick sizes and bonding patterns, and a hierarchy of scale and texture, delineate particular spaces.

Functional and pragmatic areas are defined by a standard brick (230 x 76 millimetre) laid in a stretcher bond, while the response to more intimate and formal spaces uses a finer brick (290 x 50 millimetre) laid in an offset quarter bond. The occupants’ experience of the spaces changes throughout the day – and the seasons – with the interaction of light and shadow across the surfaces.

"Brick has been used with thoughtfulness and impressive continuity to create intimate spaces within a more expansive landscape. This is beautifully resolved work that adds immense value to the house."
- Jury 2017 -