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Sydney Park Water Re-Use Project


Turf Design Studio & Environmental Partnership


Design Landscapes


Recycled Brick

Products Used:

Recycled Brick

Building Contractor:

Design Landscapes

Photography Credits:

Simon Wood Photography

Sydney Park began life as the Bedford Brickworks in 1893; the collection of kilns and chimneys provided a significant contribution to the housing stock of Sydney’s inner suburbs and are an iconic reminder of Sydney’s brick heritage. The clay brick-making industry operated concurrently as the city’s largest waste depot from 1948 until its closure in 1976.

Since its opening in the 1980s, Sydney Park has undergone a succession of improvements culminating in the recent Water Re-Use Project, jointly funded by City of Sydney and the Federal Government. It breathes new life into the park via a series of interconnected “made” systems – a vibrant recreational and environmental asset for inner-city Sydney.

In the shadows of the site’s remnant brick kilns, recycled brick is interwoven through the landscape; a subtle palimpsest interwoven with new layers of robust, elemental concrete.

Today, Sydney Park offers an enhanced experience of open space, environment, waterscapes, habitat and history, celebrating the connections between past and current, people and place.

"This intelligent project uses brick for both narrative and function. The longevity and past life of the material is highlighted by the way the bricks emerge from the landscape."
- Jury 2017 -