Wulaba Park


Sturt Noble Associates




Adbri Masonry

Products Used:

Paving, Trihex

Building Contractor:

Sam the Paving Man

Photography Credits:

The design for Wulaba Park in Sydney creates distinctive and memorable playspaces. A custom-designed play tower that references the classic Hills Rockets of parks gone by, with a raised fort landing, incorporates multiple play experiences and is the key visual element in the park. This unique play structure is designed to enhance imaginative and narrative-based play, and includes custom and off-the-shelf elements.

Public art by Nuha Saad is integrated into key elements in the park, including a strong colour theme patterning the pavements, soft fall, concrete inlays, giant blocks, tower balustrades and pergola canopy. Sturt Noble, as lead consultant, worked closely with Nuha Saad and Fleetwood Urban to provide a cohesive and integrated design outcome.

Sturt Noble Associates has created playspaces that provide a variety of experiences and adventures for different age groups and abilities, designed to be stimulating and visually appealing while activating a range of senses.