Pharlap Parade, Baldivis Square


Folium Landscape Architecture


Prime Projects Construction



Products Used:

Stonewash Paving Collection, Charcoal

Building Contractor:

Agim Mustafa

Photography Credits:

Gale Force Photography

Pharlap Parade, Baldivis Square is the centrepiece within a new community 25 minutes south of Perth. The owners wanted a community hub, rather than just a shopping precinct, that could be used by the local residents as a place to meet as well as shop.
A modern interpretation of a Mediterranean village square was achieved using masonry pavers in three colours, laid in a random herringbone lock pattern to the main thoroughfare. Semi-formal pedestrian crossings were formed using smaller pavers in a different colour running across the roadway. Car parking bays were delineated using a different coloured paver, with a lighter paver used to mark the bay edges.

The design required bespoke colours with a washed aggregate finish to the pavers, using 80-millimetre-thick units to both accommodate heavy commercial traffic and comply with local authority rules.