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Park and Playground at 'Luna'


Arcadia Landscape Architecture


Karimbla Constructions (Meriton building company)


Bowral Bricks

Products Used:

Gertrudis Brown

Building Contractor:

V&V Landscaping

Photography Credits:

Brett Boardman / Meriton

Located in one of Sydney’s oldest suburbs, the Park and Playground at “Luna” is a defining space in the McGill Street Precinct in Lewisham. This public park, with through-site links to Lewisham light rail, helps to fulfil Marrickville Council's aim to transform "a former light industrial area into a desirable locality where people will want to live and spend time.”

Luna is a diverse mixed-use development that blends old and new to celebrate the rich historical and cultural heritage of the site in a modern and innovative way.

The use of brick and concrete unit paving in the ground plane and walling expresses the site’s heritage and industrial character, and the red brick Victorian architectural context of the area. Arcadia utilised these elements to create a unified design that enhances wayfinding, guiding people through the site while creating a series of distinct spaces for play and engagement.

Large concrete slabs, small concrete unit pavers and recycled brick inlays are interspersed throughout the site, separating private zones, through-site links, dining areas, the open spaces and the playground. The combination of brick and concrete paving delivers a varied and robust outcome that invigorates the public domain of this vibrant new precinct.