Narellan Town Centre


Place Design Group




Adbri Masonry

Products Used:

Paving, Euro Stone

Building Contractor:

Landscape Solutions

Photography Credits:

ArtOne Advertising & Design

The Narellan Town Centre Shopping Centre Expansion involves the expansion of the existing shopping centre footprint over Camden Valley Way, to integrate the two landholdings and establish a centre of approximately 70,000 square metres with flexibility for future growth as the market demands.

The geometry and colours of the pavers assist in wayfinding, guiding the users of the space from one precinct to the next. Adbri Concrete pavers were used creatively throughout the external landscape spaces, both to the south and north of Camden Valley Way. The Euro 600 x 300 x 55 millimetre range met the client’s budget, finish, maintenance and loading requirements. The colour range included ‘Prague,’ ‘Zurich’ and ‘Riverina.’ All pavers were laid on a 120-millimetre-thick concrete slab over a 100-millimetre layer of DGB 20.