Kew II House


Kennedy Nolan


Overend Constructions


Daniel Robertson

Products Used:

Hawthorn50, Dulwich Grey

Building Contractor:

Overend Constructions

Photography Credits:

Derek Swalwell

This project explores the craft of building in the context of works to an English-style Arts and Crafts house. Programmatically, the changes to the dwelling involved internal reorganisation to add scale and dignity to the interiors and engage them directly with the garden.

Because the brief for this project was essentially generic and the condition (alterations and additions to an early-twentieth-century house) is so familiar, we sought to find a conceptual approach to this project that would enliven the architectural program and it’s resolution.

The footprint of the house is not significantly augmented, so our architectural motivation was to explore the ways that Arts and Crafts methods and aesthetics could be deployed to re-address the house with a “garden front.” Specifically, this involved harnessing the skills of the tradespeople to create something poetic – utilising steel fabrication, carpentry, brickwork, cabinetmaking and stonework to make something expressive and evocative, something beautiful and useful.

The resolution of detail drove the project – we explored traditional Arts and Crafts expression and then reinterpreted this through abstraction, change of scale and a focus on emphasising materials and texture.