Gateway Shopping Precinct, Alkimos







Products Used:

Granite Paving Collection, Sea Mist

Building Contractor:

Lightning Brick Pavers

Photography Credits:

Richard Gale

Turnstone Street is the first commercial centre streetscape in the Alkimos Beach Development in Perth. The design features a modern shared zone, with flush kerbing to promote pedestrian prominence and reduce vehicle speeds. A single treatment paving rational from shopfront to shopfront visually widens the street, creating a cohesive shared urban space that emphasises and activates shopfront edges.

Simple, elegant furniture and lighting have been strategically positioned to prevent vehicles entering the pedestrian zones, providing a safe and legible shopping experience. The pavements have been designed to accommodate a variety of retail uses, with a durable finish that will maintain a contemporary appearance for the long term. Sixteen different Brikmakers paving types were used to create the pavements. This streetscape has provided the materials framework for the development of the town centre, which is programmed for completion in late 2017.