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Trentham House


Adam Kane Architects


Hardwick Build Co.


National Masonry

Products Used:

Areanapave concrete paver 390x190x40 "Charcoal"

Building Contractor:

Brett Smartt Bricklaying

Photography Credits:

The concrete and masonry extension of the Trentham House was designed to contrast the construction type and aesthetic of the existing 1890’s weatherboard home, whilst also maximising natural light to the proposed living and alfresco areas. The pavilion style addition was designed as a series of solid and glazed vertical planes sandwiched between horizontal floor and roof planes, with spaces oriented towards the garden, and away from neighbours.

The architect believed it was important for the materiality of the extension’s façade to create a sense of permanence and solidity, and that the use of a neutral colour palette would enhance the visual impact of the surrounding European garden, and not compete with the existing pale blue finish of the weatherboard home.

Concrete pavers (390x190x40) were sawn lengthwise to the produce a ‘brick’, both longer and thinner than traditional brick sizing. It is believed these slender proportions contribute to the horizontality of the extension’s modern architecture, whilst also referencing the adjoining weatherboards of the existing period home. The bricks, laid in a random set-out, were washed with a slurry of white mortar to soften their appearance.

"A strong performer in the residential category, this friendly extension to an 1890s weatherboard home shows what can be achieved with clever use of concrete pavers."
- Jury 2016 -