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Hiding House


Jackson Clements Burrows


BD Projects


Selkirk Masonry

Products Used:

Off-white concrete brick

Building Contractor:


Photography Credits:

The site was a unique battle-axe block buried amongst 11 neighbors. It is accessed by a 3.5m wide by 33m long driveway framed by a continuous vine covered pergola. Integration of house and landscape was key to the response. A simple two storey courtyard house allowed the best balance between program, built form and landscape.

Living spaces are on the ground floor and bedrooms on the first level. The three distinct yet linked garden spaces are created. Sliding glazed walls to ground floor living rooms allow constant layered connections between internal and external spaces - sitting within the house is like sitting within the garden.

The materials palette is reductive, natural and robust - off white concrete bricks, concrete floors, white stained cladding and naturally oiled timber. Material use has a simplicity and rawness that celebrates the process of making. Cost effectiveness and sustainability combine to enhance the quality of the internal spaces through honesty of construction.

Light, volume and surface combine to create a peaceful and engaging living experience. The home immersed in its landscape, engaged in an ever evolving dialogue with the natural world. It is a place for a family to be together.

"Garden spaces are strategically placed so that boundaries between indoors and outdoors are delightfully blurred - the robust palette of concrete and timber celebrates these connections and the process of making." 
- Jury 2016 -