Terrace House - Little Smith St Fitzroy


Suzanne Dance Architect


Longbow Constructions


National Masonry

Products Used:

Designer Range - Smooth Face - Charcoal

Building Contractor:

Longbow Constructions

Photography Credits:

Andrew Lecky

In this mixed use, hard edged urban environment of concrete, asphalt and graffitied brickwork abutting nineteenth century bluestone walls and kerbs, concrete block seemed the perfect choice as the predominant material for this building. It's gritty texture relates to the surrounding industrial elements; the charcoal colour and the and the proportion of the blocks echo those of the 1850's basalt work.

The dimensions of the block proved ideal for making larger openings in the grille wall to the facade, a device to mitigate the glare of the west sun while at the same time providing some visual privacy from the apartment about to be constructed across the narrow street.

The face block walls continue into the interior where the floors and trim are of honey-toned Vic Ash.