Mildura Townhouse


Mark Hooper Designs


GJB Building


Adbri Masonry

Products Used:

Architectural Masonry - Macquarie Stone

Building Contractor:

GJB Building

Photography Credits:

Mark Haynes

This stunningly unique townhouse is located in the regional town of Mildura. Being situated in the Sunraysia Region, it was important for this home to have a design that reflected country character with charming style. The Architect has captured this and with the townhouse projecting a warm and welcoming atmosphere while still being bold and unique.

Being an oversized block it makes a statement that demands attention and adds dimension to the design. The matching block work throughout the home, garden and courtyard creates a consistency that showcases a high quality appeal that is very visually appealing.

Although not immediately obvious, some very intricate and highly skilled construction has gone into the unique design of this townhouse. Many of the blocks were cut at specific and varying angles for the curvature to marrying in seamlessly with the timber ceiling.