Laneway House


9point9 Architects


Hurst Constructions Queensland


Austral Masonry

Products Used:

GM Smooth - Nickel

Building Contractor:

Yellow Block Road

Photography Credits:

Matthew Gianoulis

Laneway House responds to a narrow, double-fronted site by separating the plan into two pavilions, turning inwards and spilling onto a generous central courtyard. The two pavilions are connected by a translucent breezeway which doubles as a lantern for the courtyard at night. The courtyard mitigates the need for side-facing windows enabling privacy, light and ventilation.

This space becomes a sheltered, private, 'backyard' space that all primary living spaces open on to. The house is a space-saver, doing away with an indoor dining area and lockup garage in favour of covered outdoor spaces.  Building close to the boundary meant finding alternative ways to respond to the tropical climate.

Instead of large roof overhangs and light-weight construction, Laneway House uses reverse veneer masonry walls which provides good thermal properties and offers raw finishes and minimal maintenance. At the end of a hot day, the masonry blocks remain cool and breezes keep the internal temperature comfortable.  The walls are constructed with a combination of modules that include subtle variations in size and texture to provide a beautiful, organic surface that works harmoniously with the modern interiors.