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Eldercare 'The Lodge' Wayville


Walterbrooke & Associates


Marshall Brougham


Adbri Masonry

Products Used:

Architectural Masonry - Designer Masonry Honed

Building Contractor:

Ljp Masonry

Photography Credits:

The Lodge redevelopment comprises addition of 38 new residential aged care bedplaces along with alterations to existing building stock providing significant improvements to resident amenity.

The prevailing built character within the local area is a variety of large old homes and smaller character villas, the design response required a building which sat cohesively within this context but with a contemporary identity of its own. Despite the massing requirements to incorporate the substantial programme, the new wing addition supports the surrounding character by careful articulation of the building mass, the incorporation of fine detail and restrained materials palate. Central to the success of this approach is the use of a variety of face brick finishes, in a colour complimenting surrounding context, to create texture, pattern and delight.

The building mass is divided into four distinct modules with a rhythm of face brick panels providing a grounded and robust language. Elegant bay window elements consisting of split face block plinths, honed block window sills and finely detailed glazing elements accentuate the facade rhythm while establishing a comfortable human scale. The tactile nature of brick invites human touch and sensory interaction which used in this context provides a therapeutic environment for the residents.