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Central Reserve, Blackwood Park


Outerspace Landscape Architects


Consolidated Landscape Services


Adbri Masonry

Products Used:

Architectural Masonry - Designer Masonry Shotblast

Building Contractor:

Consolidated Landscape Services

Photography Credits:

In developing this feature reserve and play space for the new suburb of Blackwood Park, the Landscape Architects were seeking a retaining material that would help manage the existing slope, add value and character to the play space and blend with the natural surroundings. The solution was developed in collaboration with the Client and structural engineer. The chosen material was an Adbri block which allowed ease of construction, was capable of achieving the desired curve and was cost effective. The split face finish provides interest and helps blend with other materials.

A unique application of the block wall was that the same finish was also used to construct the climbing wall, another feature of the play space and again featuring curves.

The site posed key challenges including a level difference of over 12m and a natural rock subgrade. The Landscape Architects chose to turn these challenges into positive opportunities and embraced the slope and views the site had to offer. The design utilises the slope in interesting ways to essentially create a challenging play space with the block work providing both functional and aesthetic qualities as well as being a key feature of the design.