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Athana Residence


Arche Design Services


Hand Built Homes Riverland


Adbri Masonry

Products Used:

Architectural Masonry - Designer Masonry Honed - Smooth Stone

Building Contractor:

Guy Ward Bricklaying

Photography Credits:

The client came to Hand Built Homes Riverland requesting a house that was distinctly different from the “traditional” suburban house style.

A mix of concrete block parapet walls, stack bond honed concrete block blade wall, Matrix cladding with expressed joints, minimised roof visibility and long linear lines delivers a distinctly commercial/industrial flavour.

The house is positioned close to the street to maximise the rear yard space as a utilities area and children’s play zone. A larger garage was incorporated within the house for workshop and boat storage, negating the need for an unsightly secondary shed on the site.

The northern alfresco & enclosed courtyard space is highly valued by the client and is positioned away from side and rear neighbours for increased privacy when entertaining. It is fully shaded in summer whilst also providing a sunny area in winter, protected from cold prevailing winds. A 5m wide multi sliding door links the main living directly with the alfresco, whilst the sliding window in the kitchen allows it to become one with the alfresco outdoor kitchen.

Hand Built Homes Riverland have delivered a high quality house that demands attention from the passer by.