Arthur Street House


Arch Sign



Adbri Masonry

Products Used:

Architectural Masonry/Architectural Brick

Building Contractor:

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This stunning multi-residential project by Arch Sign Architects was designed with purely an observational concept of Arthur Street itself and the surrounding areas of Aberfeldie. The Architect brought his experience in to work with a simple palette of colour that both complimented and suggested the surrounding forms, colours and tones - while still making a bold statement as a contemporary multi-residential building. With the distinct surroundings and the intrinsic appreciation for 'the old meets the new', the decision to use designer masonry came from a need for creative freedom and a desire to have a broad range of colours to choose from.

The bold angles, the strong contrast in colours Ebony and Ivory, the distinct textures and diverse use of materials on the buildings facade is visually engaging making it appealing for its residents.