№ 17 Danks




MADE Property Group


Adbri Masonry

Products Used:

Architectural Masonry/Architectural Block

Building Contractor:

MADE Property Group

Photography Credits:

Brett Boardman & Prue Ruscoe

Located in Waterloo Sydney, No.17 Danks is a small mixed use project accommodating 43 dwellings with ground and basement level retail. Our ambition was to design a quiet project that sat comfortably and contributed meaningfully to the surrounding post-industrial urban village streetscape.

The inexpensive façade materials of blockwork and concrete brick are raw but do not feel like a compromise as much as they highlight the fundamental design principles at work. Tectonically we imagined the interior courtyard being formed by stretching the whole into two – the stretch resulting in the concrete block screens that deliver visual privacy between the adjoining residential wings, providing a vertical climbing wall that frames the landscaped courtyard.

By taking a standard breeze-block, stacking them slab to slab and rotating in a pattern, delivers a fine grain texture across an otherwise simple geometry and performs as a visual and acoustic barrier between the buildings. The blockwork facilitates a climbing landscape, softening the building by connecting the residents with nature as they climb to their level. The rawness of the building is carried through to the interiors with simple painted brick walls and 50’s inspired parquetry floors.