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UTS Alumni Green


ASPECT Studios


Richard Crookes Constructions


ASPECT Studios

Products Used:

Pebblecrete 300 x 600mm concrete standard format paver

Building Contractor:

Regal Innovations / Sam the Paving Man

Photography Credits:

Simon Wood / Florian Groehn / ASPECT Studios

When designing the paving for the Alumni Green, we looked to mathematics and technology for inspiration, areas of study for which UTS is famous. A pentagonal tessellation was used due to the complex and playful patterns it creates. The pattern used is beautiful in its floral-like flourishes and regular in its repetition.

In developing the paver, The landscape architect worked with Pebblecrete, a Sydney paving manufacturer, to refine the construction methodology and develop the colour palette. The paver had to be both large enough to suit the scale of the space, and small enough that it could be relatively easily laid in place by hand.

The regularity of the colour distribution reinforces the mathematical nature of the pattern, whilst colour variation highlights the unique form. Pebblecrete also created a rectangular format paver that was used in other areas of the site, the colour continuing into the pentagonal pattern. During construction, the architect worked on site with Sam the Paving Man to help determine the pattern of the colour distribution, which helped create such a rich ground surface.

"This paving is striking - the colours, pattern and repetition unite to make a powerful statement that also complements the surrounding architecture and landscape design."
- Jury 2016 -