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Bingara Country Club


Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture




Austral Masonry/Bowral Bricks

Products Used:

Hamlet Ash - Hamlet Sepia/Bowral Blue - Gertrudis Brown - Murray Grey

Building Contractor:


Photography Credits:

Simon Wood Photography (except for 5096 and 5101 taken by Jane Irwin)

Bingara Country Club provides a key social facility within the masterplanned community at Wilton. The open spaces of the Club transitions between urban and natural landscapes. There are a series of landscape spaces, with different purpose and character.
In courtyards, new bricks are used in patterns orientated to the architectural geometry, defining a formal edge to each building. The paver in a simple stretcher bond forms the body paving, supplemented by accents of a slimmer paver in a herringbone pattern at junctions. A recycled half brick provides a transition to planted pods.

In landscape areas, new and recycled bricks are used: recycled bricks laid on edge form fluid paths in the freeform playground, embracing the natural forms of the sandstone boulders; The two distinctive pavers form bands in the meeting spaces, connecting to the structured spaces of the Country Club.

Bricks were chosen for their flexibility of use, robust properties, and earthy colours. The hand held dimension contributes a finer grain, and speaks of craftsmanship. Flowing from inside to out, the richly textured brick carpet is a foil to the simple white forms of buildings. They add (elegant) rusticity and age to the complex.

"New and recycled bricks have been used to gently but clearly define zones and introduce visitors to the different characters of the inviting outdoor spaces."
- Jury 2016 -