Three Follies




Stuart Burke



Products Used:

Reused Brick

Building Contractor:

Stuart Burke

Photography Credits:

Abigail Varney

The public artwork 'Three Follies' was commissioned by Darebin Council for the Ray Bramham Gardens in Preston.

Made entirely of bricks, the artwork reconnects residents to the oasis of the local gardens by providing an interactive public work that honours the industrial history of the site as a brickworks while also referencing the botanical theme of the park and local suburban architecture.

The three works form a series of suburban garden follies, located at key points within the park. The structures create a visual link as a sequence of cohesive landmarks that lead passers by into and through the park. A sunken arch appears as an architectural ruin suggestive of an old kiln, a brick hedge mimics the shape of a parterre garden and a stage forms a raised viewing platform.

The materiality of the recycled bricks lends a familiarity and warmth to the work which engages a broad audience and invites informal and playful interactions with the artworks.

'Three Follies' demonstrates how a successful collaboration between artists, landscape architects and tradespersons has resulted in a popular public artwork that uses the material of bricks as a means of conveying site history, character and aesthetics.