Sydney 385


Smart Design Studio




Austral Bricks

Products Used:

Simmental Silver

Building Contractor:

Better Brick Services

Photography Credits:

Sharrin Rees

Like a compendium of stories, this apparently simple multi-residential building gradually reveals a series of ideas that are both individual and unique, yet combine to create a satisfying whole. Brick is key to this outcome; used with off-form concrete it gives this mixed-use project its public identity.

This masonry palette respects its surrounds, creating a link with the existing environment. A carefully composed pattern of openings and two storey voids denote the building as contemporary, controlling privacy and sunlight whilst framing views and adding to the quality of the interiors. Austral’s dry pressed Simmental Silver face bricks and Hamlet Silver pavers are perfect in this setting.

Slender leaves of façade brick appear natural and effortless but are carefully designed, engineered and built to create the full brick lintels in a rowlock coursing over each aperture, matched in the sills below. Each brick is set out to avoid cutting and laid with flush perpends and 10mm raked joints. In combination with a colour matched mortar the aim of this detailing is to add further elegance and refinement to the building.