Rosalie House


Owen Architecture


Steve Robson


PGH Bricks & Pavers

Products Used:

Urban Living - Black & Tan

Building Contractor:

Robson Constructions

Photography Credits:

Toby Scott

The design aims to continue and develop our ideas of making architecture that is proudly Australian. The origins of suburban ideology is founded in ideas of landscape. In making this project we aimed to create the early beginnings of a meadow and a field which stitches into its suburban terrain.

A portion of the roof tiles were sourced from an existing cottage previously on this site. The remainder of roof tiles are recycled Wunderlich Marseilles roof tiles.

chimneys are made from PGH black and tan bricks because the brown and red tones suit the range of materials from terracotta to concrete and painted timber. Fireplace interiors and surrounds are refractory bricks to celebrate the idea of a giant hearth.

Using robust brick and masonry materials found in our suburban context helped us make a building that welcomes the effects of time.