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Organic Garden


Pittorino Designs


Paul Confos, Fairlane Developments


Adbri Masonry/Other

Products Used:

Adbri Masonry: Grey Block - Grey/Concrete Masonry Units custom made by Robbi Pittorino, Pittorino Designs

Building Contractor:

Steven Thompson Bricklaying

Photography Credits:

This innovative masonry design is in harmony with the garden’s organic permaculture. The concrete masonry units have been custom-made by designer Robbi Pittorino to create soft, natural forms.

The billowing masonry veneer is attached to structural walls of concrete block manufactured by Adbri Masonry.

The low retaining wall features a hand cast concrete masonry veneer which envelops the structural wall. A single course of masonry units has been used to create the look and feel of large soft cushions inviting visitors to lean back and relax.

The concrete masonry veneer of the high wall is made of hand-made concrete masonry units which are curved and measure around 4 square metres each. Again, the single course of units was used to create a sense of large, pillow-like clouds. The cavity between the structural wall and its veneer is open at the top and bottom. It has been back-filled with soil to create a planter which is capable of allowing tap roots to descend below ground.

Each of the veneer’s concrete masonry units has been individually crafted and lightly honed. A neutral colour was chosen for this project to complement the soft, natural look of the garden.