Mary Street Piazza


Place Laboratory


Le Grove Landscaping


Austral Bricks

Products Used:

Burlesque - Luscious Red - Azure

Building Contractor:

Le Grove Landscaping

Photography Credits:

Ron Tan Photographer

Place Laboratory was engaged by the City of Vincent to create a unique public space at the corner of Beaufort and Mary Streets. Together, and with input from the local community, they have transformed a stretch of car bays into a vibrant community space. It is a meeting place, a community hub, a spot for kids and families; a locality for lingering, lounging and lunch breaks; for reading, emailing and people watching; a platform for performances, small events and other happenings.

Mary Street Piazza’s debut coincided with the Beaufort Street Festival of 2015, bringing a hive of activity to the corner. The brightly coloured bricks add a pop of colour to the space, working alongside vibrant green lawns and a bright public mural reflected in the platform roof.