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Marter Private Hospital - Healing Garden Mobility Deck


PDT Architects


Dig it


Adbri Masonry

Products Used:

Paving - Euro Stone

Building Contractor:

Dig it

Photography Credits:

the rare negatives

The Mater Hospital Springfield, QLD is a 10,000m2 facility comprised of inpatient wards, operating theatres, imaging services and cancer care centre. During the development of the hospital design, accessible roof areas were seen as opportunities to enhance patients experience and care during their hospital stay with patient experience a strong focus of the newly created facility. Due to drainage requirements, the install required the pavement to be suspended on pedestals.

What appears to be flat and relatively simple on the surface is quite complex underneath requiring a lot of consideration and co-ordination in design. The designer Euro Stone paver in the 400x400mm profile boasts a premium exposed aggregate surface and is an ultra dense weight paver, produced using fine granite aggregates. To ensure the projects success, Adbri assisted with load testing the install method to determine suitability and slip rating tests.

As Studies have indicated that access to pleasant views to nature can be beneficial for patient health and wellbeing. The healing garden serves a number roles but primarily is a break out space for patients and their visitors, particularly for those patients who may not be well enough or mobile enough to leave the hospital building