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Kingsway St Nedlands


Artique Homes


Artique Homes


Midland Brick

Products Used:

Fremantle Stone - Charcoal Quartz Gem - 400 x 400 x 60mm

Building Contractor:

Creative Landscaping

Photography Credits:

Gary Peters Photography

The owners, whom previously Designed and Built two outstanding homes with Artique, again engaged Malcolm Goode, the Director/Designer/Builder, to create & construct a new home on this site. The brief required a home that assimilated the Nedland's locality, ‘Timeless in Style’, low maintenance, accommodating features and encapsulating the Swan River views.

Red brick was elemental to the project, to accord with nearby homes of bygone eras - a combination of Midland Brick ‘Russet Red’ standard brick was utilised as the main element of the home by Artique; whilst a Midland Brick ‘Georgian Richmond’ brick was utilised as a feature to the facade, enhanced with white mortar, mouldings, banding and traditional columns, creating an enduring Georgian Style, to the brief.

It costs ‘no more’ with Artique to build a high quality home, than a standard builders home. The difference is a direct relationship with the Director/Builder/Designer for the whole journey, all inclusions specified initially, no unexpected hidden costs later, as evidenced in this home from the Brick, to the internal finishes of timber, stone, porcelain tiling and other superior fittings for which Artique Homes are renowned.