Janet Beirne Park


Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture



Austral Bricks

Products Used:

Burlesque - Smashing Blue, Bowral Blue

Building Contractor:

Wilson Pederson

Photography Credits:

Jason Busch & Simon Wood

Janet Bierne Park in Beaconsfield was revived and updated to create a contemporary community park, with playground, bar-b-q and outdoor eating, and a sunny broad lawn. Gentle terracing has accommodated the natural fall of the landscape, and subtly divided the park into functional zones, with play at the centre.

A curved brick wall defines the central terrace, and joins the play area to the timber decks that provide seating. The wall is a strong visual unifier in the overall layout, and performs a number of functions – enclosing the play area without fences; making an informal seating edge to play; and retaining levels around existing trees.

The flexibility of brick, and the rich colours allowed us to make a sinuous wall that responds to topography and visually pops against the green of lawns and the bright orange play structure.