East Village Toowoomba


Adbri Masonry


Hutchinson Builders


Adbri Masonry

Products Used:

Architectural Masonry - Architectural Brick

Building Contractor:

Southern Cross Brick Laying

Photography Credits:

East Village is a lively convenience shopping and casual dining precinct set in Toowoomba's premium east side. With over 14,000 cars passing this well positioned site each day, a distinguished visual aesthetic was required for the project. To deliver the desired designer visual appeal, over 9,000 Adbri Architectural Masonry bricks in the steel colour were Honed and artistically installed throughout the complex for walls and pier work, where two sides of the bricks were Honed to expose the natural aggregate within.

The considered pier and corner work utilising bricks treated and polished on two sides is a striking feature to the project. To ensure this premium finish could be maintained over time, each and every brick was individually sealed before installation to preserve the appeal of the brickwork.