Drury Street House


Marc and Co


MCD Constructions


PGH Bricks & Pavers

Products Used:

Urban Living - Black & Tan

Building Contractor:

MCD Constructions

Photography Credits:

West End typically has houses located near the front boundary, so each house has a large rear garden. Each city block has houses that reinforce street and gardens that form shared landscape.

In order to reinforce this city block pattern, we minimised the additional footprint and maximised the green space. The house was restored to maintain the scale, character and roof profiles of the street. By building in under the house and minimizing the footprint of the new extension, the area for garden was maximised.

The traditional house contains the bedrooms, and the extension introduces new living areas that open directly onto a north facing garden. The extension is clad in weatherboard and a brick skin is introduced, acknowledging the traditional building materials in the area.

The clients are private people. The idea of craft, allowed us to deliver a highly considered modern house, hidden behind the pattern of a traditional street. The house has a strict hierarchy of public and private spaces. Private rooms are upstairs. Public rooms and downstairs and have a seamless relationship to the garden.

This house was always understood as a generational family house. Decisions were based on quality rather than value.