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Double Courtyard House


Stuart Vokes


John Wales Construction


PGH Bricks & Pavers

Products Used:

Dry Pressed - Macarthur Mix - Mowbray Blue

Building Contractor:

JR Wales Construction

Photography Credits:

An extended family has been provided with a range of new indoor and outdoor rooms which allow them to enjoy their daily domestic routines alongside the idealised presence of nature and profound connection to the ground.Double Courtyard House is principally concerned with three key underlying philosophies: the importance of nature in the everyday; valuing historic fabric and the private house as a critical piece of city-making.We see the provision of open space and the amenity it brings as a critical feature of the traditional Brisbane suburb. Preservation of open space is a significant concern of our work and has been central to the planning of this project.

Budget limitations and geographical location meant that we could not afford or easily access recycled bricks to satisfy our clients aesthetic preference. We worked closely with the brick manufacturer PGH to compose a custom blend of five different bricks from their standard range (60% of which were manufactured at the local Brisbane plant), yielding a surface quality and nuanced colour palette similar to that of a recycled brick.