City West Housing, Zetland


Kann Finch Group


Richard Crookes Constructions


Austral Bricks

Products Used:

Bowral Blue, Metropolis - Alabaster

Building Contractor:

Richard Crookes Constructions

Photography Credits:

The vision for the development was to create a high quality and sophisticated contemporary building which sits comfortably and respectfully in its surroundings while providing design variation within the street block. The development provides a mix of residential dwellings to assist in the growing demand for affordable rents, whilst contributing to lifting the public perception of “affordable housing” and addressing the divergent needs of the community.

The design uses material, colour and modulation to achieve a well-proportioned and visually interesting envelope.  The façade designs are responsive to considerations such as public activation, visual privacy, differing internal functions, view and solar considerations. The building is an exemplar of passive design principles resulting in a building that has a high level of energy efficiency and provides a great level of amenity and comfort for the residents.