Camp Hill Terrace


Dan Young Landscape Architect


Client Managed


PGH Bricks & Pavers

Products Used:

Urban Living - Black & Tan

Building Contractor:

Dan Young Landscape Architect

Photography Credits:

Dan Young Landscape Architect

The project addresses a previously troublesome area of the site - poor subsurface drainage conditions and a southerly aspect resulted in failed attempts to cultivate grass in this location. The terrace provides both a solution to a waterlogged section of yard and a direct connection between living spaces and the swimming pool.

PGH Black and Tan was selected primarily as a reference to the existing built form, and for its durability in an exposed outdoor location. Exposure grade bricks were selected on account of the proximity of the swimming pool.

The use of mixed bonds - 1/3 stretcher perpendicular to the rill, and 1/2 stretcher parallel to the wall bond - is reminiscent of a european plaza or piazza, while also referencing the overall water management strategy. Surface water is channeled to the tree pit by way of a rill bisecting the space, while any overland flow from the remainder of the yard is directed subsurface to the tree pit before exiting to stormwater.