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Brisbane State Highschool - New Multi-Level Building Project


Broad Constructions - Karl Wood


Broad Constructions


Adbri Masonry

Products Used:

Paving - Euro Classic

Building Contractor:

Broad Constructions

Photography Credits:

Built on approximately 3000sqm and covering six levels, the new Brisbane State High School (BSHS) facility provides an abundance of additional space for general learning areas, staff parking and commercial tenancies.

With the increase in urbanisation there has become a need to intentionally re-purpose underutilised areas of commercial and residential buildings. With an inner-city location, BSHS was in need of a safe, secure and natural learning environment for its students. On the 3rd level of the new building, Euro Pavers were installed on pods to provide a shaded, outdoor rooftop study and learning area.

The use of pods is ideal where drainage is needed as they allow pavers to be supported over the waterproof membranes that are typically applied in rooftop applications. Installing Euro Pavers on pods also provides easy access to services underneath the pavement to ensure maintenance is easy and timely, an important feature in the education industry.

The mix of Prague and Cyprus Euro Classic Pavers gives the rooftop a quality and clean finish that compliments the design of this new building. The premium smooth, flat surface texture of the Euro Classic was an inspired choice for high pedestrian traffic.