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Adelaide Oval


Oxigen Architects


Lend Lease


Adbri Masonry

Products Used:

Paving - Ecotrihex

Building Contractor:

Outside Ideas

Photography Credits:

Steve - Slingshot Studios

The Adelaide Oval is one of sporting’s great venues. This recognition also presented challenges to develop a world-class stadium whilst preserving the parkland’s setting. The project’s master plan outlined the vision for the oval that respected the cultural and historic importance of this place whilst accommodating the needs of a modern sporting arena.

As part of these works, a safe and accessible path around the existing Morton Bay Figs was necessary. These trees, which are between 80 and 130 years old, hold significant cultural and environmental value to Adelaide. Oxigen together with the project team and an Arborist established a brief that ensured the health and status of the trees was fundamental in any new works.

The challenge for the project team was to come up with a cost effective solution that provided a low maintenance, attractive and robust surface that allowed the trees and new functions of the oval to co-exist. The solution was the use of permeable paver, laid without disturbing the existing ground conditions and importantly the trees roots. Since installation, the ‘Fig Tree Plaza’ trees have remained in excellent health