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Wylde Street


SJB Architects


Richard Crookes Construction


Austral Masonry

Products Used:

Solitary Smooth Range - Ash

Building Contractor:

Brickmen Constructions Australia

Photography Credits:

Brett Boardman

Wylde Street is a residential development comprising 22 apartments over 7 levels. Looking over Woolloomooloo towards the Harbour Bridge and east towards the heads, the building forms part of an urban fabric that has its origins in the first grand residences of colonial Sydney. It draws from the rich architectural heritage of the vicinity in a contemporary interpretation of forms and materials that characterise the area; a continuation of Potts Point’s fine architectural tradition.

The building utilises natural building materials such as brickwork and copper, materials that will age gracefully. Strong, formally articulated facades give depth and proportion to the eastern and western facades. Elongated roman profile brickwork provides a texture and rhythm to the masonry façades, culminating in subtly curved columns or sweeping in wide arcs to meet the street edge.

The northern façade is characterised by its transparency and fineness of detailing – thin aluminium framing, slender columns, finely detailed slab edges. The horizontal expression of the slab edges mirrors that of adjacent mid-century buildings and provides a lightness that contrasts the gravity of the masonry elements. Wylde Street explores the potential of architecture to experiment with materiality and form while responding to its historical context.

“This project is a refined piece of work that uses an industrial product while giving it an elegance that is not normally associated with concrete block.”
- Jury 2016 -