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Lagoon House


Taylor and Hinds Architects


Rory Wright - Southcoast Builders


Island Block and Paving

Products Used:

Natural Building Blocks - 10.01

Building Contractor:

Richard Burgess

Photography Credits:

Jonathan Wherrett

This house for a young family is located near surf beaches south of Hobart. It is situated on the edge of Pipeclay Lagoon, behind a stretch of exposed coastline. The property has an existing cottage and a number of large Tasmanian Blue Gums, which inform a pattern of occupation on the site.

The site is buffeted by strong seasonal winds and inclement weather from the south. Use as a protective ‘back’, cavity blockwork construction affords robustness, thermal mass, and is set in counterpoint to a northern timber elevation, which is ‘carved’ and articulated to maximise views and sunlight.

The natural finish of the block is also highlighted by the flush glazing – creating a kind of material tension between the thinness and transparency of glass, and the tapestry, and natural tonal variation of the blockwork. While the blockwork has been detailed in a very ‘raw’ and straightforward manner, there is a softness imparted to the interiors of the house – particularly where we have sought to bring light across the surface of the material.

“This house typifies austerity yet at the same time portrays a caring and distinguishing character that can be achieved with concrete block.”
- Jury 2016 -