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Concrete House


Fringe Architects


Gary Dureau


Midland Brick (WA)

Products Used:

100mm Wide Series - 10.01

Building Contractor:

Distinctive Homes WA

Photography Credits:

Rob Frith Acorn Photo

Concrete House is a new family house located in Wembley Perth WA. The owner had a strong interest in the work of Perth Architect Iwan Iwanoff, especially his use of Grey Concrete Blockwork. The core idea of this project was to create a new form of family home that was flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of the 5 member family.

The Concrete Blocks were sourced from Midland Brick WA. The Products used included 100 series (10.01) blockwork for the main double leaf thermal mass walls, 10.12 + 15.12 Lintel Blocks for downpipe recesses, end walls and the feature letterbox + 20.01 blocks laid end on to create Breeze Blocks to the Main Outdoor living area, Lounge Balcony and Pool Screen Wall.

The Concrete Blocks are the major design element used for all walls in the project and are expressed both internally and externally in their face format for their robustness, thermal properties and architectural qualities. The use of the blockwork in combination with the Soft Landscaping and Spotted Gum Timber creates an expressive backdrop to enhance the Owner's collection of 1950's and 1960's vintage furniture. The soft colour of the blocks perfectly complements the style of the House.

“With a nod to Iwan Iwanoff, this house has used block in such a way that the house has not become a fortress.”
- Jury 2016 -