Westvic Building Koroit St


Guy Mcleod Architects


BDH Constructions


Adbri Masonry

Products Used:

Architectural Masonry - Architectural Brick

Building Contractor:

Iam Bolden Contracting

Photography Credits:

Our client brief included a requirement for a contemporary office and training facility with a feeling of solidity and quality. As a result, we sought to use durable materials which imparted the honesty of the building products, this included extensive use of Adbri concrete bricks. We selected the honed concrete bricks over other masonry units because they highlighted the aggregate in the bricks, and the honed finish imparted a more corporate interpretation of masonry than standard clay bricks.

The bricks are a sharp edged masonry unit, very uniform in size, and we highlighted the coursing with bright and white mortar to ensure the bricks themselves stood out as the feature material. In the design, the bricks were used in building elements which would likely be subject to the most wear in high impact areas.

The masonry also anchors the upper level to the ground via the solidity of the horizontal band of brickwork to the lower level, with a transition to lightweight cladding higher up the building. The honed bricks were also used to highlight architectural aspects of the building within the overall juxtaposition of building elements, and the honed masonry is the main building material tying the overall design together.