Stocklands Display Office


Dan Thomson Architectural Drafting


Live Constructions


Austral Masonry

Products Used:

GB Honed - Shale

Building Contractor:

Windmill Bricklaying

Photography Credits:

The Stocklands display office is a showpiece of masonry pride, with towering 2 storey honed walls of Pewter, Shale and Porcelain Masonry block. The depth of colour and pixel effect commands attention from all angles of this residential house. As you approach the building the powerful presence gives way to earthy textures and tones highlighted by the honing process on the face of the blocks, appealing to the simplistic raw beauty of stone and mortar. The open plan living below is joined to the bedrooms and bathrooms above by a timber staircase wrapped in a wall of GB Honed Pewter block with white mortar joints adding a sense of height to the staircase. Finished with soft timber accessories giving the house a feel of sophistication.