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Resources Building, University of the Sunshine Coast


Deicke Richards


Hutchinson Builders


Austral Masonry

Products Used:

GB Split Face - Pewter

Building Contractor:


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Austral’s classic 20.60 bonded pier has been turned on its side and re-purposed in this open weave block wall. The standard grey concrete block, intended for structural work, has been innovatively and economically used in this project to form a stairwell screen. Light conditions change within the stairwell across the day, making it an all-weather, pleasurable alternative to the lift. Stair users are rewarded with cropped glimpses of sky and bushland.

The project is the Resources Building, a logistics facility at the campus edge of the University of the Sunshine Coast. The building’s open plan offices enjoy the full width of the floor plate, with glazing to the north and south for light and cross ventilation. Service areas and the stairwell to the west protect the interior from Queensland’s heat.

Unfinished and pre-finished materials dominate the palette throughout the project, reducing the costs of future maintenance. Masonry walls in the building have used Artique Classic (smooth face) pewter blocks. Banded rows of smooth, Artique Classic, and split face, Artique Dynamic, texture the lower part of the northern elevation. Project Director John Deicke, Design architect Phil Smith, Team — Ingrid Marshall, Tim Zieth, Tom Kaye; interiors Magda Myszkowski.