Miami State High School Year 7


Conrad Gargett


St Hilliers


Austral Masonry

Bricks Used:

Alphalite Grey Blocks - Grey

Building Contractor:

St Hilliers

Photography Credits:

Christopher Frederick Jones

The binary wall idea is a pattern created to subtly flag an announcement to the street whilst relieving the tension brought about via a large solid form facing west towards a Highway. Historically paper is used for education. Remember foolscap exercise books and now A4 ruled lines. Ruled lines guide the written word assisting the process of learning. The team visualised the feint lines of an exercise book as the raked joints in masonry walls. Education now uses computers for teaching and computers have their own language. We understand words but computers understand binary code. The idea combines the base of a feint lined exercise book with the language of a computer. Binary uses 1 + 0 units/ Block wall uses Masonry Units with cement joints. We proposed that 1 shall equal proud and 0 to be flush. The wall is a cost effective, artistic, inspiring, character enabling, durable and low maintenance structure (all words from the brief) which both describes the story of development in education through the use of computers and proudly announces that this is Miami, May the Coast always Flourish.